Medicare Reimbursed Amniotic Fluid Flow™

Amniotic Fluid Flow™ therapy commands the body’s own mechanisms to heal itself. This is NOT a “stem cell” product. It is a true amniotic fluid with millions of growth factors called cytokines which recruit bodies to own stem cells to help that body heal.

Reimbursement Guarantee 

To ensure that our Providers and Facility partners are protected financially from the use of our Fluid and Membrane products while leveraging our new Q Codes, BioLab Sciences, Inc. has developed the following

If our Fluid or Membrane is purchased to leverage the Q Code for payer reimbursement, and the
payer denies or partially pays the claim, BioLab will guarantee the product with the following conditions:

— Redacted EOB is submitted to Biolab’s Coding and Reimbursement team for assistance.
Biolab will assist in re-submitting the claim.
— If after assistance, no reimbursement is achieved, Biolab will replace the lost Fluid or Membrane at no cost.

• This program is effective for purchases through December 31, 2020 and may be extended.

• This program applies to the following Q-codes:

• Q4205 – Membrane Wrap™
• Q4206 – Fluid Flow™

For any further questions or concerns regarding BioLabs’ products and the established Q Codes, please
contact us.