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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fluid Flow different?

Fluid Flow is an advanced form of acellular (cell-free) and pure amniotic fluid that is both scientifically more potent and meets newly released FDA regulatory guidelines. Fluid Flow provides twice the amount of pure amniotic fluid than the most comparable amniotic fluid volume per vial. This is primarily due to a good portion of the comparable fluids using cryopreservation called DMSO which is used to retain the few cells in their final product. Fluid Flow is pure amniotic fluid with zero fillers. Twice the Cushioning. Twice the Growth Factors. Twice the Benefit.

How do amniotic fluid injections work?

Amniotic fluid contains different naturally occurring growth factors that stimulate cellular growth. This stimulation promotes healing, proliferation, and cellular differentiation. They also contain some proteins and substances that lead to tissue repair or regeneration of tissue.