Suffering From Knee Pain?

Only a $49 Consultation AND Exam!

No Injections ● No Surgery ● No Medications

Have You Been Told That You Need Knee Surgery?

Before you go see a surgeon and have your body go under the scalpel, please come see our doctor.

No Medications, No Surgery, No Knee Replacement, No Down Time

If you have bone-on-bone arthritis, torn cartilage, tendonitis or bursitis you may be a candidate for our Revolutionary Treatment!

Dr. David S. Popkin, D.C. and his team of highly trained healthcare clinicians offer a CUTTING-EDGE, Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive treatment that utilizes newly developed and top-notch medical treatments that can aid in resolving your chronic knee pain, but further can help in stabilizing and rehabilitating your knee as a whole.

We’ll know during your first visit and more importantly YOU WILL know whether or not our unique knee pain program is going to help you or not! If we can help you, we will let you know and if we cannot help you, we will be glad to make a referral. Either way we guarantee you answers!

Dr. Popkin hears from new patients every day who tell him that he is their “last resort” doctor. They feel that if he can’t help them, they have nowhere left to go as other doctors have told them there is nothing more that can be done to help them except the use of pain medicines to block their ability to feel the pain, or to undergo risky reconstructive or replacement surgery.

Many of these patients have already suffered some of the awful side effects of harmful medications, invasive injections, or failed surgeries. Our patients come to us with knee pain caused by degenerative joint disease, sports injuries, and repetitive stress. Some cannot even bear weight on their knees, while others have painful swelling on or behind their knees caused by a Baker’s cyst. Some patients have knee deformities such as “bow legs” or “knock knees” and many feel as though their knee is unstable or gives out due to loss of balance, sensation and strength.



Our extensive training, unique approach, and highly specialized therapies give our patients a huge advantage in regaining their active and normal lives.

The low-level light therapy and decompression technology we use is the best available and many other doctors don’t want to invest the kind of money it takes for the best equipment.



A critical component of the continued success of our Knee Pain Relief System and our 2-Step Program is to ensure that the knee is stabilized and strengthened.  We work with you to create a personalized program of rehabilitation with the use of our cutting-edge equipment and top-notch facility. This program and steps of rehabilitation contribute to your success now and continued relief over time.  This is true for minor pain and the most debilitating pain, even more so when other attempts and treatments have not helped. 

Are You A Candidate for Our Knee Pain Relief Treatment?

If you are experiencing knee pain that is chronic, please know that this particular condition is recognized in the health care profession as one of, if not the most, common and challenging painful situations to treat, manage or control. Our office has been working with patients who suffer from this ailment for over 20 years. We have found that many times, patients experience EXTREME relief, after just a few office visits with us. We have had many patients share their success, and show us in office, how their condition has improved, swelling and pain has reduced, and they are gaining their life experiences back because of this ground breaking treatment.

Dr. David Popkin, D.C.’s Knee Pain Treatment Succeeds Where Other Treatment Methods Fail
If education, exercise, knee braces, and anti-inflamatory medications have not provided enough relief for you to live pain-free and reasonably active you may be a good candidate for knee decompression treatment – a safe, highly effective, option that can help you avoid knee replacement surgery.